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Two-Way Amplifier

 Two-Way Amplifier
  MIC-8030 series single-module two-way trunk amplifier adopts high gain RF amplifier module and advanced circuitry design to ensure the excellent performance.It is mainly applied to the one-way/two-way CATV transmission network.
  ●862MHz bandwidth.
  ●Adopts high gain push-pull or GaAs amplifier module to ensure high level and good SNR.
  ●The design of two-output can replace the mode of distribution or subdivision flexibly.
  ●Built-in modulated equalizer and modulated attenuator,convenient for debug.
  ●Plug-in(reserved)reverse module may open up reverse channel easily.
  ●External power pilot light,easy to observe the operating status.
  ●Die-cast aluminum housing,high-quality switching power supply and the effective lightning-proof measure.


 Photos for reference:

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