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Modular EDFA application

Modular EDFA is an integrated erbium-doped fiber amplifier. It is mainly used in the field of telecommunications and sensing, such as Fixed Gain EDFA, Variable Gain EDFA, Gain Block EDFA, which has the characteristics of small size, low power consumption and easy use. It can be easily installed in various application systems, such as SDH rack, CATV box, and DWDM system rack, according to the user's usage.

Modular EDFA is especially suitable for DWDM dense wavelength division multiplexing system, to solve the problem of insufficient power transmission over long distances. It can be used as pre-amplifier (PA), power amplifier (BA) and line amplifier (LA) in DWDM transmission system. So what is PA, BA, LA? What are its functions and differences?

Pre-amplifier, which is in front of the demultiplexer and after the line amplifier, is used for signal amplification to improve the sensitivity of the receiver (if the optical signal-to-noise ratio (OSNR) meets the requirements, large input power can be suppressed The noise of the receiver itself improves the receiving sensitivity), the noise index is required to be very small, and there is not much requirement for the output power. Generally placed in front of the receiving end.

Booster-Amplifier, after the combiner, is used to increase the power of multiple wavelength signals after combining, and then transmit it. Since the signal power after combining is generally relatively large, so The noise figure and gain requirements of the power amplifier are not very high, but they require a relatively large output power after amplification. Generally placed behind the transmitter.
Line-Amplifier, after the power amplifier, is used to periodically compensate the transmission loss of the line. Generally, it requires a relatively small noise figure and a large output optical power.

The EDFA module can be simply integrated into an EDFA business board, and a management chassis can be inserted into multiple business boards; in this way, high-density multi-service access requirements can be achieved, and it has high density, low power consumption, Easy management, hot swap, stable and reliable.

Modular EDFA application

Through the RS232 communication method, the EDFA module can be conveniently managed and controlled remotely to realize real-time parameter monitoring in the module, including modifying the working mode (APP, ACC), output power, pumping current, gain, pumping threshold, etc.

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