Optical receiver


  • Product model:MIC-OA-1550
  • Input port:1
  • Output port:1
  • Optical connector type:SC/APC, FC/APC
  • Power supply:AC220V or DC48V
  • Total output optical power:10~25dBm


  MIC-OA series 1550nm erbium-doped fiber amplifier adopts low-noise pumping laser、high-quality erbium-doped fiber and advanced microcomputer real-time monitoring circuits to ensure excellent performance.It is mainly used in large or medium sized HFC optical fiber transmission network.


  ●Adopts the latest 980nm﹑1480nm double-pumping laser technology for higher output optical power.

  ●Incorperates pumping laser and high-quality erbium-doped fiber to insure low noise,high efficiency of energy conversion.

  ●Perfect microprocessor automatic monitoring circuitry can monitor the operating status real-timely and precisely

  ●Front panel displays status and alarm.

  ●With standard RS-45/RS-232 interface,remote monitor conveniently.

  ●19″1U case.

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