Optical receiver

agile modulator-Large case

  This agile TV modulator provide audio and video modulated RF signals on TV channel which is selectable throughout frequency range:55-870MHz.Any standard audio/video source can be used:satellite receiver,TV camera,video tape recorder or TV demodulator.
  The output channel of the machine can be adjusted through two push buttons on the front panel,LCD display screen displays Video Carrier Frequency and Output Channel No.
  The modulation process operates on a local crystal-controlled IF signal,which via SAWF is directed to a double frequency conversion that uses PLL synthesized local oscillators.SAWF filtering provides true VSB(Vestigial Side Band)response and enables the modulator to be used in adjacent channel systems.
  ●Agile selection of any channel between:55-870MHz.Systems:B,G,I,D,K,M,N,L.
  ●Base-band video and audio inputs.
  ●Two IF SAW filters.High vestigial side band selectivity.
  ●Microprocessor controlled.Selection push buttons.LCD display.
  ●Full+60dBmV output.
  ●Adjustable RF output level,A/V level,Video and audio modulation index.
  ●Digital control.
  ●Front panel-20dB test point capability optional.

  Photos for reference:

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