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DWDM transmission system composition and technology

The development of optical fiber transmission technology has entered the DWDM (Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing) stage after PDH and SDH. The DWDM system has constant transmission distance, large capacity, multiple channels, fully transparent transmission, and can form an all-optical layer network. The technical and economic advantages such as relatively low engineering cost have been widely used at home and abroad.


In the intermediate optical signal transmission stage of the DWDM system, after the optical signal is transmitted for a certain distance along the optical fiber, it will be weakened due to the attenuation characteristics of the optical fiber, which limits the transmission distance. In order to make the optical signal transmit farther, the optical signal must be enhanced. This requires the use of erbium-doped fiber amplifier EDFA to realize the optical amplification function. In the DWDM transmission system, the applications of fiber amplifiers include: line amplifiers, preamplifiers and booster amplifiers.

 DWDM transmission system composition and technology

The working principle of the DWDM optical fiber transmission system is that the optical transmitter at the transmitting end sends out optical signals with different wavelengths but with accuracy and stability that meet certain requirements. The optical wavelength multiplexer multiplexes them together and sends them to the erbium-doped fiber power amplifier BA (erbium-doped fiber). The amplifier is mainly used to compensate for the power loss caused by the multiplexer and increase the transmission power of the optical signal), and then send the amplified multiple optical signals into the optical fiber for transmission. In the middle, you can decide whether to add an erbium-doped fiber line amplifier LA according to the situation. After the receiving end is amplified by the erbium-doped fiber preamplifier PA (mainly used to improve the receiving sensitivity to extend the transmission distance), it is sent to the optical wavelength demultiplexer to decompose the original optical signals.

Shandong Wanshuo Optoelectronic Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in April 2008, focusing on the customization and development of optical fiber amplifiers. To provide forward-looking, cost-effective optical fiber amplifiers to the world and provide customized development services for the communications industry, with customer experience as the core, committed to creating greater industrial value for customers. By simply encapsulating the fiber amplifier module, the complete machine can be sold, which greatly shortens the customer's complete machine product development cycle.

Relying on the industry’s independent core technology, sustainable R&D capabilities and strong production capabilities, we can tailor a series of subdivided products and solutions for users according to the optical fiber network transmission requirements and application characteristics involved in the communication networks of different countries and regions . Our products and solutions are being used in various communication fields around the world, and our customer groups mainly include Russia, South America, Southeast Asia, Europe and the domestic market.

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